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Finally back to face to face workshops!

Since the summer it has been a time of some of the most varied and interesting months I have ever known professionally. The writing has been really full on, drafting and redrafting the sit com, working with the amazing creatives at Fulwell 73. I also managed to get a new idea together, working in collaboration with a great director and that has now gone wide in the bid to find a home. I have also been working with a number of private writing clients around the world - in Hong Kong, the UK and Washington DC. Helping to hopefully steer their scripts, fiction and memoirs to success with agents, publishers and producers. I even managed a few auditions for a couple of Christmas adverts and a part in Coronation Street, although still waiting to hear on those.

In terms of workshops, I finally managed to get back to face to face leading at Carmel Sith Form College, working with drama students at Praxis Performing Arts and then MA students at Oxford Brookes University.

Remotely I have been working across the globe, which has lead to a lot of workshopping in the middle of the night, but always worth it to get to collaborate with such inspirational teachers and students. These have included master classes at the IASAS Cultural Convention for Art & Film in Bangkok, helping young film makers with narrative, character, storyboarding and scripting.

Then full projects at Munich International School as well as Discovery College and King George V School, both in Hong Kong. And then Dulwich College, the Canadian International School and United World College of South East Asia, all in Singapore, working with both film and theatre departments.

I also lead two fantastic full days at Eyüboğlu High School in Istanbul on camera shots and angles and will begin a week long project at Shanghai International School, working with both IB students and the Theatre design students.

Finally I was thrilled to be invited to return to my old drama school, the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, which was a real pleasure, so many years after leaving.

I was also delighted to be invited back to the Universities of Surrey and Aberystwyth, as it is always so interesting to return and cover different content. In this case - writing comedy.

There are some really interesting discussions taking place about other projects and workshops across the end of this year and into next but always happy to hear from anyone looking to discuss possibilities.

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