Online Screenwriting Workshops

In response to recent requests, screenwriting and narrative structure workshops are now available remotely. These  can be tailored to just about any specific needs but usually follow the format of a workshop on Zoom or Teams, followed by a Q and A session. For groups and individuals.  Recent collaborations have included ticketed events for The London Writer's Cafe, Sutton Writers and the SAE Institute, delivering an online Master class to over 150 attendees.


For further details, costings and to discuss options please email :


"Ian brings a great sense of play learning about screen-writing. For several years we have collaborated delivering a practical film workshop aimed at high school teachers. Ian has a master class session during the workshop where he artfully (and with no small dose of humour) breaks down storytelling and how to capture audience through setting up narrative. Ian’s open and fun-loving approach to writing good stories breaks down any fear that a participant may have. He is generous with his knowledge and time and elevates peoples work by offering them very real and practical tools that they can start using immediately. I continue to use approaches and methods that Ian shared with me and each time I do, my classroom is a raucous mess of students delighting in the characters they are creating and the stories that they are crafting. Working with Ian has left a lasting impression on me as a teacher and on several cohorts of young students exploring story through both film and theatre." 


Sharon Lacoste McDonagh - Film Teacher, UWC ISAK Japan

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